Monday, April 24, 2006

Our Batty Bathing Beauty!

Okay, I said she was goofy, but this is Sophie's best shot yet! She's going to be a performer, just like her big brother. Enjoy this pic, there is sure to be more of Sophie and Zach's antics to follow!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yummy, yummy, yummy...

Sophie's got cereal in her tummy! Mmmmmm! She's quite good with the spoon, but still makes a mess. Some day's she even eats better than her big brother. A ver particular child, don't even think about taking something out or her bwol or off her plate to make life easier. No siree, she is determined to play her cards the way they land. Sophie is very different than he brother. It's amazing to see the range of personality between them. They have so much in common, yet see the world though very different eyes. It is a wonderful blessing to enjoy each and every day!

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Zach and Sophie are having a blast in the play room! They love getting into all of the toys and making a mess. Now were working on clean-up strategies - either that or getting rid of a bunch of toys! Zach couldn't love this baby girl more, he just loves to give her higs and kisses and show her how to play with stuff. He's a great big brother!
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Put on a Happy face...

Sophie is the master of the goofy face! What a goof! Posted by Picasa

Ahhh to be five...

In February, Zach turned the ripe old age of five. He's sucha big boy now. He had a dance party with all of his friends - what a blast! Posted by Picasa

Winter Wonderland...

The neighborhood was beautiful like a delicate dessert topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar! Delightful! Posted by Picasa

Frozen Delight

Sophie thought the snow was a great big desert and kept eating it! Mmmmm! Posted by Picasa

For the first time in many years we weren't on vacation when the big snow hit! Zach had a blast playing with his friends! Posted by Picasa

Here's the family with the dastardly Captain Hook! The picture was great, but the Capt. and Mommy had a bit of a squabble over tinkerbell on her shirt! All in fun! Posted by Picasa

Up above the world so high...

Here she is at the top of her world! Posted by Picasa

Like a diamond in the sky...

While in Disney's Magic Kingdom, Sophie had a magical time hanging out on Daddy's shoulders! Against the backdrop of the beautiful clears sky she is like an angel! Posted by Picasa