Saturday, April 25, 2009

A look back... 2003

Hi, it's the Soussi-Tanani's here... just checking in to say hello and wish you all well. Please leave us a note to let us know how you are doing - we're busy, but you're always in our thoughts.

Recently, I found a new tool for capturing my backlog of memories - Smilebox. In addition to creating digital scrapbook pages in minutes, it allows me to share these pages through our blog. So, for the faithful - that is those of you who still (despite my lack of posting) check out the site occasionally to see if there's anything new - here's a look back at 2003. Life was very different then. A little slower, a lot quiter, and definately less full than it is now. And to think we thought we were busy then! I've just finished scrapping 2003 (yeah, I'm behind, but catching up quick!) in 8 page blocks. I'll periodically post the animated pages here.

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