Thursday, June 29, 2006

Things are looking good...

Well, Sophie made it through the surgery like a champ, but then we expected nothing less! The good news is the preliminary evaluation of the tumor indicated that it is a ganglio neuroma - that's a benign tumor - woo hoo! There are additional tests to the samples that were taken that will show if the tumor exhibits any signs that it could mature into something more serious in the future. We won't, however, have these results until late next week. Right now we are cautiously optimistic.

Tonight, Sophie is resting comfortably and has started to drink and even take in a little apple sauce. These are all good signs of a progressive recovery. Thanks so very much for your continued thoughts and prayers! They are working!!! I'll post more pics soon! Check back for an update tomorrow!

Monday, June 26, 2006

It's funny how life can change...

What an interesting coincidence... On the day of the last post, we started our current journey. On that day we saw the pediatrician to see why our little Sophie was having problems with balance. The week before, she began falling frequently at at daycare, six instances serious enough to require incident reports. We thought we would hear that she had an ear infection or some other mundane affliction that would soon pass. That was not the case at all. On the contrary, her ears were clear, as were her lungs and all other vitals were normal. But still she could barely take a step without requiring a lunge to her rescue.

The Doctor referred us to a neurologist. That was the beginning of the nightmare.

Here we are, two months later, and we are seeing an oncologist. Not for the initially feared brain tumor, but a more inocuous, yet still menacing tumor in her abdomen. As if that weren't enough, any affliction that could find her small body in the past several weeks has. From a bout with lice - we thankfully avoided a major family breakout with diligence and hard work cleaning and quarantining just about everything she touched that week - to a life-threatening case of croup that brings us to this past week and a 4-day jaunt at the GUH PICU.

Today, joyfully, Sophie is happy and giggly - keeping the spirits of the family up with her latest antics. The photo says it all...

Sophie's self costuming creates a nice cross between Aunt Jemima and a tavern wench! Cute and crazy! That's our baby!