Thursday, October 12, 2006

One day at a time...

So, we thought we were done with inpatient at GUH C53, we were wrong!?! Tuesday morning, Sophie came down with a fever of 103.3 - do not stop on go, do not collect $200, go directly to GUH for admission. It seems that Sophie's immune system is low and a rather aggressive bacteria - pseudomonas aeruginosa - found it's way into her system. Luckily it didn't enter her blood stream, so a two week course of IV antibiotics and we'll put this latest issue behind us.

We did take advantage of our captivity this week in scheduling an ultrasound that would have been delayed for a few weeks. This is part of the post-chemo testing that will tell us if the round was successful. So far, the news is encouraging. There were originally two tumors and a questionable lymph node, they have all reduced in size since the last scan a little more than a month ago. The next couple of weeks are full of the rest of the post-chemo tests. Sophie will have an audiological exam (one of the chemo drugs could affect her hearing) a cardiac echo and EKG (her heart is also at risk), a CT scan, as well as an MIBG nuclear medicine test to determine if the tumor continues to contain any malignancies. If the tumor is clear, we continue with the course of therapy for the neurological disorder, opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia syndrome. If there are still traces of the neuroblastoma, we go back for another round of chemo. Of course, our fingers, toes and even eyes are crossed for the former!

I'm hoping this is the last night in the hospital for awhile. As I've said before, the folks here are terrific, but there's no place like home. Our very great and very helpful friends/neighbors have come to the rescue again taking Zach in while mike is at work in the evenings. I'm sure he would be quite happy to fall asleep and wake up in the same place for a change!

My camera is on the fritz, but stay tuned for pics of the bean plant Zach is growing for his homework it's way cool, and quite big now! Until then, all the best to you and your families and as always, thanks for reading!

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Linda said...

Hi Sophie!!!

SO glad to see you went home today. You're always such a delight! =) Have a great and restful weekend! =)