Monday, April 09, 2007

Bumpity Bump Bump...

Happy Easter everyone! Just for the record, if you have ever been on the guest list for a holiday dinner at out house, please - with all due respect - do not expect another invitation soon! (just kidding of course!) This is our third major holiday since Sophie got sick, and the third time we've spent one in the hospital! Can you believe it. We joke that next time we'll call ahead for reservations!

In any event, the Easter bunny found us and, as usual, we will continue to celebrate for the next week or so.

Sophie is improving. Of course, she doesn't look or act sick. She's tearing up C53 as usual and making new friends along the way. Apparently the infection was in her external catheter, so it had to be removed on Saturday. She has a regular IV in her right wrist now until her blood cultures are clear. we are trying oral versions of her regular, daily medications to see if she will tolerate them. If this works, we can forgoe having a new broviac catheter installed in her chest. At thispoint it's all up to Soph. She's just too little yet to swallow pills with skill. This story is to be continued...

Well, we hope the bunny found you too, and that you've had a hoppy holiday! Till next time... Peace!

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