Monday, July 10, 2006

Average guys doin heroic things...

Riders from rally Across America paid a fun visit to the pediatric ward and brought goodies for Sophie while she was recovering from the biopsy last week. They sang her a cute song, and even filmed her for possible appearance in a documentary they are writing about the journey. The guys in the photo, Austin and Tom, are amateur cyclists who are right now, peddling 5,000 miles around the eastern US to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer. You can read more about their amazing and heroic journey at and their trip blog The folks making the documentary also have a blog of the trip at Sophie just knew that these guys were silly and fun, not that they could make a difference in her life as a survivor (more on this in a bit) and the lives of other children that have or will get a devastating diagnosis of cancer. They are heroes in my book! Thanks to them for letting us share in just a little part of their quest!

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