Saturday, November 06, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig...

So, yesterday was full of events that brought us home-sweet-home this evening. Following the 'pfffttt heard round the ward' yesterday, Sophie finally had another little 'movement' letting us know that things are working as intended. This was, of course, met with cheers and adulation from the nursing staff and residents - similar, but louder than the pfffttt party the night before.  Dr. Chahine stopped by and even declared Sophie fit to eat anything she wanted.

Being given the option of anything was a little daunting, but she quickly honed her request to a greek salad, chicken tenders and fries. We quickly reviewed out delivery options and settled on Manny and Olgas - an old-time favorite.  She could hardly contain herself as we waited for our dinner to arrive. Finally, sweet satisfaction as we got her all fixed up and she dug into the salad, dipped into her fries, nibbled the chicken, and eyed my steak sandwich with increasing interest - who could deny this child anything? I made her a small sub and she downed it like a champ. Stomach pain, who, Sophie?

This morning she sent me out to get oatmeal and fruit salad from Starbucks. Gotta love her tastes, so grown-up, and so yummy.

We stuck around the hospital today to work on a painting and to help with a promo video being created by the Starlight - Mid-Atlantic Foundation. Starlight provides events and activities to sick children and their families to help them find time together away from doctors, procedures or any of the other medical considerations they have to deal with every day.  We have participated in many of their "Great Escape" activities and have made many friends among the other families, and among the Starlight Mid-Atlantic staff.  The opportunity to give something back, even if it is just our words, was tremendous.

After the hubbub of the Starlight, we were discharged and sent on our way.  And that brings us home this evening.  Wonderful friends brought us dinner and took Zach to spend some quality boy time with their three boys, and another lovely friend brought ice cream and pie - yum yum!  It's so wonderful that Sophie can actually enjoy all of the food and being home.  Mike's parents are still with us and have been hugging our little princess whenever they can. I've been kissing her face so much she's actually pushing me away.  I just can't help it I'm so happy she's well and home.

We will spend the next week at home resting and regaining stength to return to school the following week.  The time home will be good for us all.  Thanks you to everyone for your well wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, phone calls, and gifts for Sophie.  We are so incredibly grateful and humbled by your love and friendship.  Peace...

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