Tuesday, November 09, 2010

We Couldn't Make This Stuff Up...

It's early morning on Tuesday and we're sitting at an Affordable Dentures clinic in Jessup, MD. I believe we are here because the universe has a sense of humor - or at least is trying to ensure we keep ours.

Yesterday, our second day home from the hospital, my Father-in-law woke up sick to his stomach. He got sick in a bucket and my Mother-in-law quickly cleaned everything up flushing the waste down the toilet. What she didn't know was that he when he got sick, his lower denture dropped into the bucket as well. Bye bye denture... flushshshsh. All I could picture is a fish swimming around the Bay with a great smile - can you see it!?!

So, today we're getting a new, full-set of dentures for him. I've joked that my M-I-L will 'accidentally' flush her's now so she can get a new pair too. This is an interesting arrangement where we can get a new set for him in just one day - Ha!. So far they've taken impressions of his upper and lower gums, and then an additional impression of his bite. Now they are creating a wax mold with teeth to test the fit and bite. We're hopeful that that will happen soon, and that the fit is good. If now they adjust and possible re- impress, and we re-impress for the bite. We will come back this afternoon form the final fitting of the laytex cast, and then on to solid food!

This has been an interesting couple of weeks focusing on not-eating, special diets, and a variety of stomach ailments.

I'm looking forward to going back to work to get away from it all at this point. I was to leave for Miami on Sunday, but guess I was meant to be here instead - there Re certainly a good nuk er of folks depending on me, so I'm glad the it worked out this way for everyone.

Sophie is doing better every day. I'm still waiting for her rosy cheeks to return, and with rest they will come.

Rest, that's what we all need at this point. I'm looking forward to getting back to our daily routine and to getting fa ull night's sleep - Thanksgiving is right around the corner, with good friends and family, and long weekend - ahhhhhhh.

Happy Tuesday e eryone! Peace.

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