Thursday, February 17, 2011

Found and exceptional village...

So, the title of this post is a little vague, and likely confusing.  As many of you who know me, my life and my blog story, our family has been blessed with two beautiful, wonderful, perfect children.  That said, they are still each wrought with issues and concerns, physical, emotional, and educational.  What we have been finding over the past year or so is that what we thought we knew about them and their differences are simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  We've come a long way already, but the road is long, and now we see it is winding as well.

So back to the title, well, last night, I sat in on a Parent 2 Parent meeting at our kid's school and round a village, a small one mind you, but a village nonetheless of Mom's struggling with the same paradigms our family struggle with every day.  Some have learned to navigate them, and shared their knowledge, and some are just beginning their journey. Young children, older kids, boys, girls, multiple children, multiple disorders - unbelievable.  I was brought to tears many time throughout the evening listening to their personal stories and relating them to my own.

So, now that I've found the village, what do I do?  Oddly I feel more isolated today than ever, even in knowing that there are others who have paved a path for their child and can provide help along our.  Others that have witnessed the same emotions.  Others who cry when they hear other's stories, and when they speak of their own children's struggles.  Kindred spirits, but still alone on our respective journey's and no path is the same. Our children are like snowflakes, multifaceted, no two are alike, and they drift through the air, sometime causing havoc, but always bringing a glint of a smile in their loveliness.

So my hope is that I can connect to the exceptional village that formed last evening. That somehow we can continue to connect, to share, to support each other and to work together to create an atmosphere that supports our exceptional children and leads them to their greatest potentials.

For all those still searching... Peace.

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