Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now beginning phase two...

We met with the doctors last week and verified what we had gleaned from earlier telephone conversations. As a result, Sophie is confirmed for a second-look surgery on November 9, at 9:30am. Meeting with the surgeon especially provided a clearer picture of where we were (following the last surgery) and where we are now.

Apparently, during the initial surgery, back in July, the surgeon determined early on in the procedure that he would not be able to remove the tumor completely without unnecessary risk. At that point, he made a decision to only take what he needed for biopsy and to possibly return later, after treatment, for a second attempt. The doctors anticipated that the course of chemo has made changes to the tumor(s) and that it may be possible to remove all of the tumor, and the other masses, this time. We are told that sometimes the chemo creates a membrane around the tumor that would
allow for a plane between the mass and the artery, making the removal less risky. We are also told that this should be Sophie's last surgery as there would be no benefit to trying again if it is not successful this time.

Once pieces are taken, they will be sent for a biology study as we did the first time. As noted in the previous post, this, combined with the level of surgical success, will tell us our next move. Fortunately this does not affect her prognosis. However, it probably will extend the length of her treatment.

It has actually been an okay week or so with Sophie off antibiotics and with high enough blood counts to be a "normal" two-year-old for a little while. Halloween started on Saturday with our annual neighborhood gathering, and last night was great fun for everyone. Zach was abionicle robot and Sophie a fairy-somthingerother. Unfortunately Mike became ill on his way home from work Halloween night and was stuck in bed for the bulk of the festivities. He was close to fine this morning except for being a little bummed that he missed all the fun!

We hope your Halloween was joyful and safe. Look for another progress-post this weekend (pending access in the hospital). Until then, here are more pics to enjoy.

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