Thursday, November 16, 2006


Okay, so this may not be an exciting word or concept for you, but we have been waiting - not so patiently - for Sophie's stuff to start working again, and this morning they did!!! WooHoo ! As you can imagine, she is in a much better mood now, pretty much back to her old Sophie-self. Whew! Today marks the seventh day in the hospital - ugh, and there's probably two more to go. Since she just started eating this afternoon, theDrs . will want to watch for at least a day to make sure that everything is working as it should. Sophie also still has a drain in her abdominal incision that will need to be removed, most likely Friday (hopefully just before discharge!)

So, before the magical poopie, we were trying to cheer our little sweetie up with a variety of things - we tried her big brother Zach, but this had only the opposite affect as he was so happy to see her that he wanted to be as close as possible
- not whatSoph had in mind! We did manage one adorable pic of them last Friday night when she was still in the PICU.

We went for a walk, tried games and toys and coloring and crafts, nothing worked until a very talented young man, Robbie Schaefer, came to the pediatric ward to entertain on Tuesday. He played his guitar and sang enchanting and silly kids songs - Sophie was hooked! Apparently, Robbie is Sophie's answer to JustinTimberlake ! She is like a groupie or something. Robbie generously gave us a copy of his CD - and he even signed it! Sophie would not let it go. She even fell asleep for her nap holding the CD case close (see pic). I have to admit I was equally impressed with Robbie's silly and endearing songs (I didn't sleep with the CD though!). Check out Robbie's web site for a sampling of his songs and to learn more.

Well there is a bit more clinical update pending but I'll save that for the next post - time for bed now. The news is good so far, we'll probably do another round of chemo just to be safe, but it seems that they got it all! Until next time... be safe and well. We think of you all often and can't wait to see you again!

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Lauren said...

Hey guys!!
Long time no contact huh? (my fault entirely!)
Couldn't let another day go by without saying hi to my girlfriend!
First, I'm sorry to hear about the recent surgeries and infections. Second, I'm glad our girl is on the mend and things are starting to work out. I know how frustrating it is to hear "just a little longer" when it's already felt like an eternity. I also know that there isn't a stronger girl or family out there - I know you guys can do this! You all are truly an inspiration.
It also looks like you've been having a bit of fun - those Halloween costumes are too cute (as if she could get any more adorable, huh?)! Hope everything else is going well and that you're getting a chance to enjoy the holidays! I miss you guys terribly, but will see you soon!!
Lauren (a.k.a....Sophie's girlfriend!)