Monday, November 27, 2006

Rounding out week three...

Okay, so we're still at GUH! Sophie was allowed to start eating again yesterday and she dug right into her fat free diet! Today, however, she is not taking the whole diet thing very well, but we're working on getting her some flavor. At this very moment she is standing on her head in her crib after waking from a two-hour nap. All in all we are coping quite well with our new normal, but are also looking forward to
being home soon!

We will have our home care service at the hospital this evening to show us how all of the medications and pumps will work once we're home. Hopefully we won't need to be on themeds for too long. If all goes well with the eating we'll go home tomorrow - Woo-Hoo !! Just so we don't get to comfortable at home though, we are scheduled
to be back in the hospital next Wednesday (12/6) for some post-op baseline tests and to start the next round of chemo. I can't say enough how great the folks here are and how easy they make it for us to be here so much.

i hope to post some recent pics soon - thanks for reading! We hope we can see you soon!


N said...

Hi - Just the Hammond family checking in. We are so glad to hear that Sophie is eating (even if it is bland). We can't wait for you all to be home so we can stop by. Andrew is looking forward to meeting the entire Soussi-Tanani family.

Many best wishes.
Take care,

Ale said...

Hey - Just wanted to let you know that mom and I are praying for the whole family. I try to read your blog every week and then tell mom what's going on. We are both looking forward to the day you visit Disney so we can meet your princes. The prince is looking very spiffy, too.

You and Mike are great parent!

Many Blessing!!!

Alejandra and Mom (Dona)